Grupo Barraqueiro and Beatriz Barata Lead Strategic Investment in Ubirider to Further Innovation in Transport-as-a-Service

Investment Fuels Development of Pick, a Seamless Multi-Transportation, Ubiquitous and Mobile Payment System To Benefit Both Riders and Operators Everywhere.

Porto, Portugal - July XX, 2019 - Ubirider, creator of Pick, a door-to-door travel and payment solution, today announced that Grupo Barraqueiro, the leader in the Iberian suburban and interurban road passenger transport sector, has led a strategic investment round in the company, along with co-investor Beatriz Barata, from Family Jacob Barata, owners of Scotturb in Portugal and Grupo Guanabara in Brazil. The investment provides operating funds for the company to further develop Pick, a platform which combines all transport modes into seamless travel experiences, and also establishes Grupo Barraqueiro and Scotturb as Ubirider’s first major customers.


Ubirider has built Pick as an independent platform to connect and help both travellers and transport operators. The mobile app Pick by Ubirider, available through the Apple App Store and Google Play, allows users to plan door-to-door travel, pay and ride to all destinations, everywhere, using the best transport combination. Through the Pick Hub web interface, which collects anonymized information from travellers' smartphones, operators benefit from a new, independent and transparent channel to manage ridership and fare collection in real-time, without additional infrastructure.


“What we saw in Ubirider’s solution is the future of transportation,” said Artur Pedrosa, CEO at Grupo Barraqueiro.  “It’s something we’ve been looking for to not only make the transportation experience significantly better, more integrated and simpler, but to also gain valuable insights into travel trends. Having this kind of intelligent data will enable us to provide new and better routes and other services to our passengers, and ultimately continue leading the future of transportation.”


“We have been looking for technology which helps us to improve the quality of service and operational efficiency,” said Beatriz Barata of the Family Jacob Barata. “Ubirider’s solutions serve both goals and additionally were designed to operate globally, which would allow us to manage key aspects of our operations in Portugal and Brazil, such as mobile fare collection or ridership, under the same platform.”


The investment marks Ubirider’s first outside investor and also first commercial customer.  The funds will be used to further the development of Pick, increase marketing activity and expedite integration with Rede Expressos, Scotturb, Fertagus, Sul Fertagus, and GoIn - all operations belonging to the investors - as well as others outside Portugal which are in the pipeline.

INESC TEC, the biggest R&D institute in Portugal with a focus on computer sciences and more than 700 researchers, is Ubirider’s co-founder together with Paulo Ferreira dos Santos.


José Manuel Mendonça, Chairman at INESC TEC, said: “Our mission is to help start-ups with high potential managed by talented entrepreneurs and teams in the most precocious and risky phases. Ubirider, Paulo and his team are one of our most exciting projects. We believe that they will scale quickly and succeed beyond expectations, particularly with the boost provided by these qualified investors, who are also customers, validating Ubirider’s value proposition and strategy.”


“This investment from Grupo Barraqueiro and Beatriz Barata is not just a milestone for our company, but a signal that the transport market is ready for new and innovative solutions that make transportation systems better, more efficient and more intelligent for all,” said Paulo Ferreira dos Santos, CEO of Ubirider. “It is an exciting time for us to have the support of industry leaders as investors with operations that touch the lives of millions of travellers every day. We are confident that Ubirider will be the disruptive solution the market is looking for to smartly integrate multiple transport modes and connect cities, citizens and transport operators to dramatically improve the travelling experience everywhere.”


About Ubirider

Ubirider has built Pick, a mobile and web platform which combines traditional and modern ways of transportation, aligned with the interests and needs of occasional travellers, commuters and mobility operators. Pick by Ubirider is a mobile app which works out the best option for every journey — whether that’s public transport, a rental car or a bike share. From office commutes to weekend getaways, it manages daily travel in the smartest way possible. For more information, visit


About Grupo Barraqueiro

Grupo Barraqueiro specializes in the design and implementation of innovative mobility solutions for people and goods, aiming at providing, in a sustainable manner, complete satisfaction of the needs and interests of all its stakeholders. They are the Iberian leader in suburban and interurban road passenger transport and a benchmark in rail and light rail transport, as well as in international road haulage. Grupo Barraqueiro, now with more than 300 million riders per year, is proud of its sound history and wide experience which goes back to its days as a small coach company founded in 1915. For more information, visit


About Beatriz Barata

Beatriz Barata is the youngest daughter from Jacob Barata Filho and granddaughter of Jacob Barata, the founder the Grupo Guanabara in Brazil. Her family owns Scotturb in Portugal and Grupo Guanabara in Brazil, which runs more than 6,000 buses moving more than 2 million people daily. For more information, visit



INESC Technology and Science – INESC TEC is an Associate Laboratory with more than 30 years of experience in R&D and technology transfer, incorporates 13 R&D Centres, and brings together more than 700 researchers, of which around 300 have PhDs. INESC TEC was created to act as an interface between the academic world, the world of industry in Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Electronics.


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