Smartly connecting mobility providers & travellers

The fully digital SaaS management platform based on real-time data that uses simple dashboards to perform all operation activities with autonomy and efficiency.

Manage your whole operation in real-time, in one place

The fully digital SaaS management platform based on real-time data that uses simple dashboards to perform all operation activities with autonomy and efficiency.

Smart Ticketing

Create, manage and update tickets, fares & passes


Keep track and manage your fleet and inventory at all times

Communicate directly

With passengers, staff, clients, public agencies

Set & Update

Routes, schedules, lines and stops with immediate effect


Mobility Operators

Public Authorities

Drivers / Inspectors


Real-time operation management

Direct communication to users

Smart ticketing

For operators, city authorities and ajasj


    Give your users freedom & flexibility

    One-stop-shop for seamless​ door-to-door trip planning with digital payments and real-time information for your users.

    Provide your passengers with an app that gives them easy access to tickets, straightforward validations and enables you to communicate directly with them through notifications and alerts.

    • Works for urban, suburban, interurban and between countries

    • Crowdsourcing feature for direct feedback


    Give your staff the tools to maximize efficiency

    A direct and two-way communication channel to support your drivers and inspectors during their services to ensure smooth operations and quality of provided services.

    • In-vehicle ticket sales and fare collection

    • GPS signal incorporated.

    • Validate and inspect tickets & passes


    Increase sales by having your network always updated

    Grow your sales network easily by quickly integrating new resellers.

    Allow ticket office's staff to perform sales and always have the most updated prices and informations to give to your passengers. (Não gosto deste texto...)

    Sell all your offer with diversified payment options

    Set up and manage physical and digital passes

  • Send detailed travel reports and organised invoices

    Send tickets bought on Website directly to Pick App


    Sell more online, wherever and however you want

    Easy to adopt and manage plugin that can be place on your websites so you can reach all your passengers, wherever they are.

    With SEO optimisation for your brand's visibility.


    Grow your operation and work directly with companies

    Web dashboard where companies that use your mobility services can effectively and with full access to information manage their travels.

    Allow management of employee's travel budgets.

    Directly connected to Pick app.

    Send detailed travel reports and organised invoices

    Centralize payments for employee's tickets & commuting passes

Our Clients and Partners

How we make the difference

Lower operational cost

Digitalisation allows you to maximize efficiency, save on hardware maintenance and grow your network wisely.

Closer to your passengers

With direct communication channels, real-time information and feedback, you can really get to know your passengers, be there for them answer their needs.

A single contact point

Get to know what's happening in your operation at all times and make informed decisive actions quickly to improve your services.

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