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Pick Hub is ready to give you a good experience when recharging your Navegante pass again

Over the last two months there have been some issues on the pass recharge service. If you were one of those affected, we apologise.

Pick Hub is working well again and this month you already can recharge your Navegante pass in a simple, safe way.

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What happened?

Technical issues on the app

The number of Pick Hub users has been increasing significantly and rapidly. To accommodate this success, as we believe we will continue to grow, we decided to migrate to a new technology infrastructure with more capacity.

Unfortunately, despite all the preparation and precaution, some unexpected technical problems have arisen that have prevented many users from completing the process of recharge the Navegante pass over the last two months.

So, in the very first days of 2023, we had to make the difficult decision to turn off the app on the period of most access, until we were in a position to guarantee a good experience for all users, at all times.

What were the consequences?

The value of the pass was held temporarily on the user's bank balance or cards

Users who were unable to complete the Navegante recharge were temporarily left with the value of the pass as 'captive' on their bank account balance (if the card used was a debit card) or bank card (if the card used was a credit card).

For clarification, we explain here the payment process of the Navegante pass, which is done in 2 steps:

Step 1: after Checkout, the pass payment amount is hold in a pending state in the user's bank balance or card. 

Note:  While it is pending, the amount remains in the possession of the user (on the balance of the bank account or bank card), although not available for use;

Step 2: only when the title is successfully sent to the Navegante card, is the pending amount effectively charged to the user's bank card.

Note: in situations where the recharge of the pass is not completed, the money is never charged, it remains pending and after a few days (the period varies depending on the bank), it's released and becomes available again on the user's bank account or bank card.

Now that these issues are solved, Pick Hub is ready again to give you a good experience when recharging the Navegante this month.

We thank you for your trust and want you to continue to travel with us.

We are grateful for your patience and understanding throughout this process. We will reward you by continuing to work for you, to innovate and to improve access to public transport.


Enjoy your trips!

The Ubirider team

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